Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Life Styles of the Rich and Published

Why do I write?

Because I've read so much I now have stories of my own itching to get out. But even more motivating, I want a career where I am my own boss, where I don't have to go to a "real job" every day and put up with people whom I see far more often than my own child, but like a whole lot less.

What kind of income do I expect?

I'm humble. I would love enough yearly income to quit my day job plus enough to save for "retirement" and not to stress that my bank account will laugh and then weep whenever I buy an Egg McMuffin because there simply aren't enough nickels to pay for it. I shouldn't feel guilty for buying an occasional breakfast! I definitely don't expect a Stephen King or JK Rowling income. Really, I just want to earn enough to quit my job and get my future secured.

Anything past those humble goals are gravy...like a helicopter. If I was a bestselling author like Patricia Cornwell, I might buy my own helicopter and luxury apartments in Trump Tower. Patricia Cornwell, you are a rockstar. Spend it how you want, but don't assign responsibility for it to others. Those people you hire are guidance counselors, not your babysitters calling all the shots. You must accept responsibility for your career and your earnings and your spending. You are obviously a smart lady, but the diva behavior (I'm a writer and can't be distracted by such petty concerns as money) is very unbecoming and will get you into deep doo doo, as it already has.

Interestingly enough, this is the second article this week I've read about a successful writer with bi-polar disorder who has found herself in financial distress. Can you guess who the first is?

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