Saturday, December 1, 2012

The End of NaNoWriMo (and the end of endless capitalization)

Today starts a new month, which means the end of nanowrimo and the return to house work. Ok, I admit it, my last day was actually a few days ago (although I delayed house work until the proper end of nano out of respect). I finished Act I at 80+ pages and then hit a wall. The opening of the story had been so clear and easy to write, but the possibilities are wide open in the next section and that has me paralyzed. I need to carefully plot out the rest because--and I'm not saying this out of ego because I am my own worst critic--but I have a seriously marketable story on my hands. This is a story that could actually be in a bookstore and sell well. My dear husband, who is forced to read all of my stuff and always gamely says, "I like it, honey. It's good," actually wants to know what will happen next and happily reads the sections I give him.

End result of nanowrimo: an excellent start to a finishable book.

Current plans: return to the YA story like I promised, review it with fresh eyes, edit and send out to readers. THEN I will return to my nanowrimo story. The sci-fi writers I mentioned in a previous post, always seem to be working on multiple things at once. I'm finally catching on.

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