Monday, July 2, 2012

Real world vs. real world

I live all the time with stories in my head. The characters and storylines are very real to me. This is the place I want to spend time in. I want time to write these things down. However, the real "real world" is banging at my door. It is telling me that I need to sojourn in graduate school for 2-3 years to get an advanced-but-pointless degree in my field (as told to me by the person who interviewed me for a job). It's yelling through the window that I will be let go from my current job if I miss any more days because of the daycare being closed or Munchkin falling sick. The idea of spending mental engergy on boring classes for the next few years--while still holding down a job--makes me feel sick to my stomach. Not one extra minute will be left for anything else. Welcome to the desert of the real.

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