Saturday, June 23, 2012

Books for every decor style

Fairly Distressed Vintage Leather

If you're an aspiring writer or book lover like myself, books have a central place in your life. Sometimes we love books a little too much and end up collecting, magpie like, every book we can get our hands on. I have an affinity for library book sales where hardbound books can go for a dollar and trade paperbacks for 50 cents. Since I do not have a large income, buying cheap used books becomes my chief indulgence and I end up slogging home with books spilling out of my backpack and arms. The problem then becomes where to store these volumes? Every time I moved to a new apartment, I had to be strictly honest with myself and weed out the books I had bought on a whim, but was likely never to read. Hauling heavy boxes of books between apartments is horrible work, but it was just as horrible to have to re-donate boxes of books to the library. The centrality of books even became the clincher in our choice of house. We bought the house with the built-in bookshelves--a library all my own! I love perusing my shelves and coming upon an item I had forgotten about. Everything is jumbled and mismatched and that's how I like it.

Nature Parchment Accent

But if the "eclectic" look doesn't work for you, or you just want to look smarter without having to bother with selecting books or reading them, NEVER FEAR! There is a business which can fill your shelves with any kind of book arrangement. can ensure that you look suitably educated or that the spines do not clash with your sofa slipcovers. This idea is truly genius and I wish I'd thought of it. I'm a fan of the Fairly Distressed Vintage Leather as it feeds my fantasies of becoming an Oxford professor .

But there are styles and looks for every taste. Acres of books wrapped in monochromatic white, or animal prints for the wild at heart. Books bundled with twine or books stripped of their covers. You can select from a whole rainbow of colors to match any mood or decorating scheme. I'm particularly fond of this shabby chic arrangement called Nature Parchment Accent.

Whatever your book desires are--whether to read or just to gaze upon--booksbythefoot is your solution!

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