Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Tao of Po

It appears I'm on a Po Bronson kick because I'm enjoying the stories in What Should I do With My Life and I've already stopped telling my toddler how smart he is (read Nurture Shock to find out why). The story that hit closest to home was the one about the guy who just needed to be around other writers, which is my entire reason for wanting to get an MFA. I need the support and encouragement of other people who have similar goals because this writing schtick is lonely. I need a group to talk shop with. That guy, by the way, was Po Bronson. Po gets it. Maybe I  just like saying Po because it reminds me of Medea saying po-po.

Po (tee hee I said it again) has got a great list of books he recommends. His blurbs make me want to run out and read them. If you're looking for something to read, try this list: http://www.pobronson.com/index_books_I_recommend.htm

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